IT Cantierezero is an international music collective founded in 2010 by the pianists Stefania Amisano and Claudio Cristani (Duo Novalis) and the composers Giorgio Klauer and Stefano Trevisi. The collective have a keen interest in encouraging new paths in the field of contemporary chamber music through ideation, realization and documentation of original projects. The artistic engagement of cantierezero is focused on interdisciplinarity by blendig music with humanities, art, science, technology and commissioning both young and established living composer new chamber music works notably for unusual set-up, also in connection with electronics, visuals and performing arts. The collective regularly calls upon guest musicians, artists and researchers to collaborate with its founding members in order to realize its projects. Composers like Agostino Di Scipio, Gerhard E. Winkler, Grzegorz Pieniek, Johannes Kretz and the violinist Ivan Rabaglia have worked togheter with cantierezero. Since its debut, cantierezero is involved in an international performing activity and aims towards establishing itself as a reference among contemporary experimental chamber music ensembles. Among its most important projects, “bodysnatchers/ultracorpi” – for piano, violin, self-sensing actuators and electronics, premiered at the XIX CIM – Colloquium on Music Informatics in 2012 – furthers an acousmatic listening behaviour inside a mixed framework trought a unique dynamic instrumental preparation, especially developed and realized by Giorgio Klauer for the performance. Its projects were supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Vienna, Österreichisches Kulturforum Mailand, AIMI (Italian Association of Music Informatics), ÖGZM (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössische Musik), SKE – AKM Austromechana.

The documentation about the commissioned works and about their performances are collected into a repository which is accessible on the collective’s website and on request. Papers, reports and presentations will also be made accessible, while complete scores and recordings or copyrighted materials are available at request for private and research use only.

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New CD release / concrezioni sonore by Agostino Di Scipio

The studio recording of chpn.3.2 variazioni di sensibilità al sè, for 3 performers, feedback network with piano, self-sensing actuators and other devices by Agostino Di Scipio is now available on cd.

The Stradivarius label has just released a new recording under the title concrezioni sonore with piano and live electronics works by Di Scipio performed by Ciro Longobardi and cantierezero (Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani – piano with electrodynamic actuators –  and Giorgio Klauer – electroacoustics and digital signal processing). Here some words about this fascinating  work that Agostino Di Scipio wrote for us in 2012 within the project “bodysnatchers/ultracorpi“. It was a amazing experience!

«This is a workshop for the exploration of electroacoustic devices designed and built by Giorgio Klauer, called self-sensing actuators. In the performance, these actuators are used by the two piani- sts to “inject” in the strings a number of selected recordings of Chopin piano music (chosen by the performers). The piano strings into which the injec- tion is made, are themselves selected according to any Chopin piano music fragment. The tiny resonances of the injection, are taken up in a larger electroacoustic chain, with microphones and speakers positioned just next to the piano or insi- de, whose sound loops back into the strings via the actuators. A complex system is accordingly established, which develops in a process of growth and failure. Some extra noise is inevitably added into the process due to the bodily contacts of performers against the piano wooden structure, as the latter handle the actuators to inject Chopin in the strings. The whole performance is framed into three sections, with two interleaving bridges. Written for (and with) the friends of cantierezero, in the days of Chopin’s 200th birthday celebrations».



Gerhard E. Winkler
Black Mirror II / HerzStück

Stefano Trevisi di polvere e tempo

Gregorz Pieniek Illusion

Giorgio Klauer Doppelgänger – Heimlich/Unheimlich

Agostino Di Scipio
chpn 3.2

Giorgio Klauer sonic garment

Fabio Nieder/Zwei Spiegel


Current projects /

Teatri del suono / Chaos
An interdisciplinary project between art and science that moves from the epistemological and aesthetic effects resulting from the affirmation of digital technologies in our time. Structured in a series of concerts, installations and talks, it is aimed at a heterogeneous and curious public, attracted by the artistic medium and by the transversal communication between knowledge. The project aims to sensitize the public to a non-conflictual perception of the relationship between science and art, releasing the great potential implicit in their interaction, which would have a huge impact on the improvement of society and individuals.

A project by cantierezero / collettivo per la nuova musica
Idea and artistic direction : Stefania Amisano and Giorgio Klauer (cantierezero)
Scientific support: Claudio Weidmann – electrical engineer, associate professor Université de Cergy- Pontoise (France) and Sylvain Reynal – theoretical physicist, artist / associate professor ENSEA (France)

ensemble cantierezero / Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani (piano); Giorgio Klauer, Stefano Trevisi (electronics, suond projektion) (Italia)
NIMIKRY / Alessandro Baticci (flute, electronics, composition) and Rafał Zalech (viola, electronics, composition) (Österreich)
Katharina Klement, composer (Österreich)
Agostino Di Scipio, composer (Italia)
Giovanni Leghissa, philosoph, Università di Torino (Italia)
Claudio Weidmann and Sylvain Reynal, devices, technology (France)

Installations and performances by Giorgio Klauer, Sylvain Reynal, Claudio Weidamnn, Katharina Klement, Agostino Di Scipio, NIMIKRY

Selected project for Science in the city festival / ESOF Euro science open forum Trieste 2020
Venue:  Trieste (Italy) July 2020 / Science in the city festival ESOF 2020

Past projects/

bodysnatchers / ultracorpi
a project by cantierezero (composition, electronics, technology) / with Stefania Amisano, Claudio Cristani (piano) / Giogio Klauer, Stefano Trevisi (composition, sound direction), Ivan Rabaglia (violin); music by John Cage, Fabio Nieder & new works for piano, violin, self-sensig actuators and electronics by Agostino Di Scipio, Gerhard E. Winkler, Giorgio Klauer, Stefano Trevisi

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music for piano, 2 players, electronics and visuals / a project by cantierezero.
Works by giorgio klauer, johannes kretz, fabio nieder, grzegorz pieniek, stefano trevisi / with duo novalis (stefania amisano, claudio cristani piano duo), giorgio klauer, stefano trevisi  (composition, sound projection), bartolo musil (bariton), lara usic (visuals), in collaboration with ÖGZM, AIMI, Österreichisches Kulturforum Mailand, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

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Inseln / isole
Matteo Cesari, flute – Stefania Amisano, piano
Stefano Trevisi, sound projection
In collaboration with cantierezero
Music by Cacciatore (UA), Castiglioni, Maderna, Furrer, Ferneyough (EA), Nieder (UA), Trevisi (UA)
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